Street photography in Phuket

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

I'm not extremely good with street shots but I thought it would be good to share some perspective taken by myself with 16mm & 56mm focal length. All of the photos here were taken at PHUKET, Thailand. As most of you noticed, most of my framing are in portrait because they are meant to be posted in Instagram.

Equipment used FUJIFILM X-T20 with 56mm f1.2 & FUJIFILM X-T1 with 16mm f1.4

All the photos here are edited differently from my usual edit as seen in my Instagram "squarepad". Feeling a little experimental with VSCO lately by playing more of the features available. Let me know how do you guys love it!

I waited almost 45 minutes opposite of this place without a tripod hoping for some moment that I can frame (an Instagram- worthy corner). I was literally roasted under scotching hot sun trying to balance myself while looking through my EVF. Thank GOD that these amazing people walked into my framing <3

The street along Patong Beach

One photo that summarises the streets in Phuket which is now my favourite wallpaper for my iPhone 6s. You can DM me if you wan this photo for your wallpaper too! hehe

Sandwiched between 3 red rides

It's hard to keep my eyes from the cables up there

That guy with green scooter must be thinking SIAO ah, taking photo in the middle of the road? HAHAHA

My direction of this shot is to highlight all the cables hanging around in Phuket town

Parachutes and Jet Ski in sight

Patong Beach

A scene where all angmohs lying down under the temperature of around 40 degree celcius where I can barely stay under the sun for 5 minutes. Lolol

More beaches shot, I wish I could lie down like you guys but I think I will end up with terrible sun burn

Waiting for Tuk tuk? A rather random shot too, I swung my camera left, right, up and down with another camera slung across my neck

I'm also going after building shot

Randomly going around peeping through Electronic View Finder (EVF) looking for shot like this. It was really spontaneous shot really. Lucky that I'm always on electronic shutter :P

Phuket is not complete without these trees!

They knew I was taking picture of them but they kinda ignored me. Lol

Even the Family Mart here is so photogenic. Thank you passerby for elevating the finest to my photo