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Brother's proposal

Updated: Mar 25, 2018

Everyone dreams of having a perfect moment that's framed eternally by a single click of shutter. What more to say, a well planned proposal from my younger brother to his girlfriend. He flew me to Phuket just to be a part of this plan.

Everyone says getting married is expensive nowadays but it's that true?

Despite all the saying, he decided to throw a luxurious private proposal on this beautiful Island, Naka Phuket because he knows that's the right thing to do

I came earlier to do a little bit of framing on the surrounding to look at the location just so that I'm familiar with the lighting, set up and where I can hide. LOLOL...

Not convinced when I said this place is truly a luxurious place? There is a private pool everywhere. My brother said, one single coconut costs 160 Thai Baht! Laugh die me! hahaha

A closed up of the set up

Bouquet of flower

This is a set up of the dinner place for the proposal. In my opinion, I think i can pull off more amazing shot in this lighting than at night. Too bad that his flight to Phuket got delayed and we have to play by ears

This shot was taken with my 90mm f2 prime lens with me hiding behind a big tree (50-60 metres away). Honestly, if I don't have a mid telephoto lens, I would not be able to pull of the shots. If you look closely, he was constantly on the phone because I kept texting him what to do. Eg; move the table lantern to middle area to equally illuminating faces and don't be so KAYU throughout the entire dinner. HAHAHAHA

He is definitely a smart person. A small hint of ideas and he got that and playing cheeky throughout the entire shoot (shot by 90mm f2).

Took way too many side profile so I improvised my plan. Texted my bro to change position just so that I can get my frontal shot. I kinda burst my framing because I know camera's flash light will emit light. This will make my framing easier because I don't have to crank up my ISO (took with 90mm f2 at around ISO 8000).

So he signalled me that he finished the entire meal and it's time for DESSERT (proposal time). That's his face when he walked towards me. The face of excitement with bouquet of flowers and ring on his hands.

A closed up of the ring he prepared

So he knelt and asked the million dollar question with the background music "Perfect" from Ed Sheeran

He shouted, SHE SAID YESSSS!! hahahaha

I'm not too sure if she was too happy or shocked?

Many have asked how did I come up with this shot, it was the fairy light and a little of editing to create this effect. Congrats on the successful proposal bro!

Wishing you both an everlasting love

Rather than sharing a low resolution shots taken via Insta story, I was thinking why not make it a blog post besides this is my first experience to shoot for a proposal and I do think I have a great coverage of this moment. Hope you both love this! Enjoy the photos.

Signing off,

Your brother

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