MY photography gear with sample shots (Fujifilm)

Updated: Apr 2, 2018

Many have asked what gear/ equipments I use to frame all the gorgeous looking photos of food/ portrait/ interior as posted in my Instagram account "Squarepad". My PRIMARY gear to shoot are my mirrorless camera FUJIFILM X-T1 & subsequently FUJIFILM X-T20 with multiple PRIME LENSES; 16mm f1.4 | 23mm f1.4 | 35mm f1.4 | 56mm f1.2 | 90mm f2. WHY FUJIFILM??

First of all, this is not a paid blog post but It's just me wanting to thank FUJIFILM for producing such a great product for my photography purposes. I was introduced to this brand by a very close friend of mine "Kelvin" who is an existing FUJIFILM X-T1 user and I fall in love with it instantly because of the ergonomic built and how user friendly it is where the "Aperture ring", "ISO", "Shutter Speed" and "Exposure Compensation" dials are easily accessible just on the camera's body! WOW..!

Ever since, this camera has been my favourite pick of all times especially to all my food shots (flatlays & interior). My undying love for BOKEH has resulted me in investing on all widest aperture (f1.4/1.2). If you are curious why do I need f1.4 for flatlay? YASS! It's for my "Inception" shot where all the background is blurred to create distinctive separation between the foreground and background (something that not even Iphone X can do).

"Inception" with Instax Printed by SP3 Printer taken with 23mm f1.4

"Inception" with iPhone *there are many ways to hold your phone to avoid your hand looks so big in the frame. Do head to my Instagram "squarepad" to see all my Inception shots. Taken with 23mm f1.4

A quick walk through of my past experience

I used to rely on my Iphone for all flatlays (29 mm full frame equivalent) but I realised that I'm losing the true color representation of the food, tables and shadows; therefore, I started to use my 16mm/23mm (24/ 35mm full frame equivalent) prime lens for all flatlay and the result is just mind-blowing. All my photos are shot in MANUAL mode (adjustment of ISO, Shutter Speed & Aperture). I shoot all images in JPEG format and they are all in the highest resolution and by default "Classic Chrome" filter is applied on all photos because it's one of the BEST IN-BUILT FILM SIMULATION in my opinion. Personally, I'm not so much of a RAW person because I don't prefer to edit from laptop using Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom (I like to keep my "photo editing" simple without major (adjustment/tweaking). My all time favourite mobile applications are SNAPSEED and VSCO FTW! *laughs*

Unedited shot taken with 23mm f1.4

Honestly, if you are taking shots using camera, the shadow on food or certain part of framing can be overpowering but it can be easily edited. Also, I like to include hands & legs as part of my framing because the skin tone color just popped in the frame (above photo)

Shot taken with 16mm f1.4

Having 16mm perspective definitely allows me to shoot naturally without having to climb on chairs most of the time. This flatlay is framed with Fujifilm X-T1 with Classic Chrome film simulation at a hipster cafe in JB "The Replacement Lodge".

Shot taken with 16mm f1.4

Recent cafe hop all the way in Damansara Uptown. The Good Batch has been in town, KL for many years. I'm glad that they are still serving great food. Also featuring the Instax square print out and my Fujiflm X-T20 mirrorless camera with 56mm f1.2 mounted.

Shot taken with 16mm f1.4

The Classic chrome built in Film simulation definitely brings magic to all my framing because of the distinctive feels that added to all my photos. Look at how the color of the skin popped. Shot this around f5.6, the sharpness of the image is outstanding.

My favourite flatlay game with 16mm f1.4

Was so fortunate to dine in here at 5 stars resort "The Chateur", Pahang (Malaysia) with unlimited flow of food and the best part of this framing is the marble table. Look at how all the food color pops in this framing.

Yet another framing taken with 16mm f1.4 at "The Chateur".

This is only the partial of the food you see that was framed by me. Everything on the table was pre-arranged by me and the model was directed to pose exactly how i wanted them to be. I definitely love dealing with food!! More PHOTO SHOOT please!! hehe

Things you can use for flatlay (camera, cutlery) taken with 16mm f1.4

A brunch scene taken at Forty Hands, The Sphere (Bangsar South). Editing this photo is a bit tricky because i have to manually brush certain area of this framing to achieve the desirable effect. Applied a combined A6 + E5 VSCO filter for this effect

Hand is my ultimate flatlay prop, has always been, will always be; taken with 16m f1.4

A shot taken at Open Work, JB. Love the minimalistic interior with marble table in sight. Will definitely be back again to take a framing of food with marble table