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ABOUT ryan

Hi! My name is Ryan Chew and I'm a freelance lifestyle photographer who also conduct food photography workshop on occasional basis. Other than food, I also do interior, architecture, street and portraiture photography. I usually spent my leisure time hunting for restaurant and cafes in town with friends to explore new eateries in town where most of my works are published in my Instagram "squarepad". I'm also a founder of the hashtag #coffeemeetbojio which has been around for almost 5 years by now. Despite all of the mentioned above, I'm also currently practicing my Clinical Optometry in an Eye Specialist Centre specialised in refractive surgery and other eye related condition.


1) Bachelor of Optometry (Hons), First Class Honours

2) Fellowship of British Dispensing Optician, (FBDO), UK

3) Foundation in Science (Distinction)


1) I have conducted 20 workshops on Food Photography 

2) Founder of "Squarepad" in Instagram

3) Founder of "Squarepadedits" in Instagram

4) Founder of the hashtag #coffeemeetbojio & #squarepadedits

5) Collaborated with Adobe on Lightroom Classic CC's tutorial

6) Conducted 11 workshops on ADOBE Lightroom Classic CC

7) Actively collaborating with BRANDS to create content.

8) Also helps cafes and restaurant in content creation.

9) A guest speaker for the official launch of FUJIFILM X-T30 (mirrorless camera) in Malaysia (2019).

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