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This preset pack has a total of 14 different looks and it covers almost all of my styles of editing which includes undertone, clean, vintage, film, retro, warm, moodly as seen in my Instagram @squarepad. Below are the simple introductory video to show how these presets will look like on your photos.


3 years old

A preset that has a greenish tint and enhanced grain effect on the photo to emulate film like vibes. Don’t be surprised that this preset is highly versatile to be used on some food shots and interiors, to even facade. Do adjust the white balance accordingly to get the desired result.



A preset that has an enhanced shadow. This effect can be tweaked further at the tone curve in Lightroom by lifting the S curve (shadow) to lessen the effect. This works well with photos that has green, orange, yellow, white element like exterior of the building and also gives you a little of warmth vibes.


Portrait film

A preset very close to how “3 years old” works that has pinkish tint instead of greenish hue. This preset works in most of my interior photos and almost all of my food shots as well. Like the name itself, it works on portraiture as well if you are adventurous enough to try it on


Dou Dou bake

A preset that yield a natural look in cafe photography without much hue being affected while retaining the original color of food. The creation of this preset is mainly used for the pastry counter that gives a pump to the orange pastry without affecting much on the skin tone of the human



A preset that also focuses on to bring out the details of the interior photography with human element in it by preserving the orange-ish skin tone


Urban Daybreak

A preset created to brings out the color of the food especially flatlay particularly at the cafe “Urban Daybreak”. The idea of preserving food color has always my main principle in food photography


Muted Green Portrait

A preset created very close to how Jaslyn works. This effect is somehow toned down to reduce the enhanced shadow look without affecting the vibes. Do make necessary adjustment to make it nicer.


Fried Chicken waffle

A preset mainly devised for side shots on food photography. It works better if the environment has yellowish tint by toning it down. BE ready to manually mask the desired area to get the result you want. Other than manual masking, try to play with HSL to get the look you want


Perfect Omelette

Is a preset enhancing all colours of the food; it works mainly on side shots as well. Do play with white balance and exposure to achieve the look you want. Be your own muse!


Plant & Pots

A preset created with crushed shadow and highlight and slightly undertoned to achieve the moody look. This works also on cemented interior that’s warm and has yellowish hue to the surface.


Planter chin

A preset created solely for the use of the facade shot I took with the green leaves/ plants toned down to slightly yellowish in color to reduce the greenish effect whilst still enhancing the mood of the facade shots


Warm Light film

A preset for people who are lazy to use flash in low light condition. White balance is adjusted towards cooler tone. This effect is easily neutralised by adjusting the white balance


White interior Film

A preset devised for interior photos to emulate general film-ish vibes.

Squarepad Preset Pack

  • All files are in XMP format. To use the preset, you will need to have desktop version of Lightroom Classic.

    1) Go to upper top left & click on Lightroom Classic

    2) Click preference

    3) Locate the icon Show lightroom Develope preset

    4) Double click on "setting"

    5) Paste the folder inside

    6) Restart your Lightroom

    7) You should be able to use my preset now!

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